MK Week 22 and 22a Silence…..the real one

Week 22 I was on travel.

The webinar took on Sunday night took place without me. Before reading the MK lesson of the week, my body let me experience what was described in the first lines. During the whole week I was without internet connection, had no private place, only my readings here and there.

My Mastermind partner mentioned the time of ‘silence’.

Thursday – the only possibility for this week.

Wednesday night – I announced to my family that I intended to start the experience after work at 11 pm by listening the recording of week 22.

Thursday morning I started my readings.

I know yet that to sit still is not the problem. No music, radio TV, telephone, internet, cell phone, facebook….is not the problem.

The problem is this monkey running around in my mind with a turbo speed.

How to calm it?

At 10 am I put my blinders on – brought me in my meditation position following the advice of Neville in his book ‘The power of imagination’. The position laid down with the head at the same level as the body is very comfortable and I never fall asleep.

When I was laying on my bed – blinders on – breathing with consciousness – seeking for oneness: the holler coaster started.

Little moments of lower speed but actually a real run.

The last of the Mastermind was ‘presence’.

At noon my monkey was always running, jumping and bouncing.

So I decided not to stop the exercise until experiencing ‘stillness’ and even if it would take the whole day.

I started to do my energy work Jin Shin Jyutsu without moving the body only my hand touched several points on both sides of the trunk.

I don’t know when – but at a moment I heard only the ‘sound of my silence’ and that is the story about regular ringing in my ears.

When I realized it first, it was very uncomfortable and the doctor wanted to give me a medication with an uncertain effect. On a Canadian website a lady suggested to take the tinnitus as the sound of the personal silence. I adopted at once this suggestion and since that manage the ringing with ease and gratitude when it overwhelms my head. Normally I fall asleep.


But today – I was awaken – totally alert and alone with my sound of silence and nothing else.

No more thinking.

From time to time a thought came absolutely slowly along without any invitation of reaction – only a thought passing.




Meanwhile 3 pm passed.


I wanted to try if it works without blinders.

Yes, it worked.

The activity of my mind is slowed down.

I am with my sound of silence and I write peacefully my blog text.

I am sitting and writing and observing.

I am thankful for my persistence to have stayed with it until I could embrace ‘stillness’

I am present.

I am.

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MK week 21 ……..seemingly endless resistance

It is Sunday morning.
I’m late with everything.

In the last weeks I could read:

‘Today I start a new life…..’
‘I greet this day with love in my heart…..’
‘I persist until I succeed…..’
‘I’m nature’s miracle…..’
‘I live this day as if it is my last…..’

Where is the fury to avoid the killers of time?
Where is the courage to come into action?
Where is the faith to bury doubt?
Where is the confidence to dismember fear?

This week I’m looking for ‘taking initiative’ in the Benjamin Franklin’s make-over.
I see  a subtle irony in this.

I have to confront a duty which definitely stretches my comfort-zone.
I have a deadline.
My resistance is immense on every level of my daily life.
Every excuse is welcomed.
The high price is discomfort which I feel as paralysis.

Then, a sudden rescuing revelation: ‘the paired comparison’

‘The first priority, first!’
‘I do it now! I do it now!’
I put the blinders on and go ahead.

‘It’s DONE!’

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MK Week 19 …divine timing

The last days I’m thinking a lot about time.

Listening people is very interesting.

‘I have no time’, ‘I lost a lot of time’, ‘time runs’, ‘time is too slow’, times are bad’….. We all know that a day lasts 24 h for everybody.

We all know that the time has the quality we give to the time.

We all know that the past is gone, the future will only come and that we live today. Today is the day that counts, largely explained in scroll 5 of Og Mandino

But there is a trap:

Sometimes we want that things last and another time we want things going faster.

How many times we want something at once, we don’t want wait. Things have to happen immediately in the way we want them to happen. The results have to be instantly, if not we are impatient under pressure and stressed.

A helpful word is written in Ecclesiastes 3,1

‘There is a season to everything and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven’.

If we want in our garden tulips next year, we have to dibble tulip bulbs in autumn in the land in order to expose them to the cold of the wintertime. At the moment we are confident and certain, that when the time is come, the tulips will appear, grow and bloom. During the winter time great things go on in an unseen way in the ground.

Seemingly eventless times in life are times, when the unseen is working.

This happens during the MKMMA, beautifully designed as a class starting in autumn.

The tricky thing is, with all readings, exercises and exchanges we are planting seeds and we have to be patient and confident to see them grow – and they will always grow.

The difficult part in the human mind is to accept this set-up and to welcome whatever appears.

If we can do so, we live as we say in the Lord’s Prayer ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ and we can wait in faith and peace.

And once again, all comes back to the same good news ‘consciousness lets it happen’.

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MK Week 18 ……my last one has to be my best one

Since the beginning of this week, we are confronted with the 5th scroll of Og Mandino starting with ‘I will live this day as if it is my last’.

Death – marks the end of the last day and so the end of one’s life.

But what lies in this special moment?

We can observe one thing, which is common independently from every religious or philosophical orientation – in the moment of the death of a loved one – time seems suspended, nothing which makes us run on a regular basis keeps its so called importance. Things become relative; a lot of questioning enter our mind. The essentials of life come to the fore.

Death in itself is neutral as everything; the meaning given to it makes it special and unique for everybody.

It can be denied, feared, fought, desired, expected, accepted – but in any case death cannot be avoided. Sooner or later it’s there.

The approach of death is often related with regrets and guilt feeling for the person passing away in the same order as for the persons remaining.

In the normal speedy life of today there is not really a lot of space for death. Death is hidden in hospitals and hospices. Reading the obituary in German newspapers shows that death is often considered as failure and injustice.

It is not for the first time that death is presented to me as a serious teacher. Every time it made me still and thoughtful, but the time I concerned myself with death didn’t last long enough and the normal rush came back.

I’m happy to read now this text on a regular basis for a month. I can yet feel today that a greater attention for the little things lived during the day is coming. With this idea of definiteness of the end every day, a wonderful mindfulness is present .

If you pay attention to this day with the idea that it is the last, you suddenly want to give your best, you want to be more kind, you want to be loving, you want to compliment people, you want to kiss your spouse and children for a good-bye, you want to give a hand, you want to follow your heart – and automatically, effortlessly – you stop all mourning, complaining – time is too precious.

Try it out – this changes your life!


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MK Week 17 a …..happy and thankful accepting of my progress in my own pace!

Being in touch with the ‘uniqueness’ of all creatures in general and my proper uniqueness for a whole month through the readings of Og Mandino leads me to the following statement:

Whatever challenge, difficulty or problem comes along; observation and awareness include the beginning of transformation and open the door for change.

During this week further insights were strengthened, like the sense for the ever present capacity to recognize, for example:

*I can convert any situation with a negative thought by substituting it instantly with a positive one – and I feel harmonious.

*I can feel that I can set a gap between action and reaction, almost felt like holding one’s breath. During this time it is possible to make a conscious choice on how the situation is felt and what feeling will be attached to it – and I feel powerful.

*I can see all around the abundance of everything what I choose looking for – and I feel whole.

*I can clear every relationship through forgiveness for my own good on a regular basis – and I feel loving.

*I can cultivate and keep the calmness of my mind out of awareness only by stopping to dwell on disturbing conditions – and I feel perfect.

*I can keep the persistence of a child learning to walk and succeed like him, even when the threshold to pass is not taken at the first step – and I feel strong.

And all these things take place from the insight out – and I feel happy.

This enormous inner space was always there, but now my eyes and ears are opened.




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MK week 17 …the walk on the tightrope

My statement of the week comes with a delay, but I announce a good news.

I did it.

I reached the next stage walking on my steel cable.

The distance seemed longer than in other weeks, the pace was slow, there were moments of an unmoved cable with good progression and moments of a really shaky one which asked full attention not to fall.

Fortunately the mental and physical exercises of the last weeks turned out as a real balance pole.

This week I felt as Og Mandino describes in his scroll IV that

‘within me burns a flame which has been passed from generation uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am, and I will.’

‘I am not on this earth by chance. I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I strain my potential until it cries for mercy.’

The potential was strained, the tears were real and the growth takes place.

What’s needed is the self-permission to do so and to answer the Hero´s call.

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MK Week 16 Kindness !?

This week our overall attention goes to kindness.

We have all naturally a more or less precise idea of what kindness is.

Someone who says ‘hello’, smiles and gives readily a hand can be rated as a kind person.

And it seems that there are people with a great ease to be kind and others who have even no clue of kindness.

But what is the official meaning of kindness?

A look in a German-English Dictionary was very interesting to me and showed me that this time the English adjective ‘kind’ has at least 14 different translations in German.

For the noun ‘kindness’ I found 4 different words in German.

A look into the definitions in English and German brought up a lot of considerations and questions.

‘Kindness’ is the quality of being ‘kind’.

‘Kind’ means ‘to be generous, helpful and thinking about other people’s feelings’


‘Kind’ means caring about happiness or feelings of others’

In German ‘kindness’ means ‘to be friendly, amicable, agreeable, complaisant, to have a pleasant, clement, forgiving, indulgent attitude’

Kindness is much more than the random  hello or smile.

An interesting questioning started:

‘Why am I kind?’

Is there a difference in kindness in family, with friends and with strangers?

Am I kind out of generosity, helpfulness?

Am I kind looking for recognition?

Am I kind to avoid confrontation and conflicts?

Is refusing service the real kindness?

Whatever definition you give to the word ‘kindness’, once you have decided to see it in the world, you realize that it was always there. And the more you look for it the more you find it. Suddenly our eyes are opened.

This week helped me to deeply understand that all is already there – it is  only the question of what I’m looking for.

What a wonderful week I have just had!



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