MK Week 17 a …..happy and thankful accepting of my progress in my own pace!

Being in touch with the ‘uniqueness’ of all creatures in general and my proper uniqueness for a whole month through the readings of Og Mandino leads me to the following statement:

Whatever challenge, difficulty or problem comes along; observation and awareness include the beginning of transformation and open the door for change.

During this week further insights were strengthened, like the sense for the ever present capacity to recognize, for example:

*I can convert any situation with a negative thought by substituting it instantly with a positive one – and I feel harmonious.

*I can feel that I can set a gap between action and reaction, almost felt like holding one’s breath. During this time it is possible to make a conscious choice on how the situation is felt and what feeling will be attached to it – and I feel powerful.

*I can see all around the abundance of everything what I choose looking for – and I feel whole.

*I can clear every relationship through forgiveness for my own good on a regular basis – and I feel loving.

*I can cultivate and keep the calmness of my mind out of awareness only by stopping to dwell on disturbing conditions – and I feel perfect.

*I can keep the persistence of a child learning to walk and succeed like him, even when the threshold to pass is not taken at the first step – and I feel strong.

And all these things take place from the insight out – and I feel happy.

This enormous inner space was always there, but now my eyes and ears are opened.




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3 Responses to MK Week 17 a …..happy and thankful accepting of my progress in my own pace!

  1. Wow.. Fantastic.. keep doing the work.. this is going to be awesome..


  2. mkmmaasambush says:

    I love your insights – thank you for sharing!


  3. Sandra Owen says:

    Lovely Post Anne. Love reading how this journey is unfolding for you. Fantastic! 🙂


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