MK Week 18 ……my last one has to be my best one

Since the beginning of this week, we are confronted with the 5th scroll of Og Mandino starting with ‘I will live this day as if it is my last’.

Death – marks the end of the last day and so the end of one’s life.

But what lies in this special moment?

We can observe one thing, which is common independently from every religious or philosophical orientation – in the moment of the death of a loved one – time seems suspended, nothing which makes us run on a regular basis keeps its so called importance. Things become relative; a lot of questioning enter our mind. The essentials of life come to the fore.

Death in itself is neutral as everything; the meaning given to it makes it special and unique for everybody.

It can be denied, feared, fought, desired, expected, accepted – but in any case death cannot be avoided. Sooner or later it’s there.

The approach of death is often related with regrets and guilt feeling for the person passing away in the same order as for the persons remaining.

In the normal speedy life of today there is not really a lot of space for death. Death is hidden in hospitals and hospices. Reading the obituary in German newspapers shows that death is often considered as failure and injustice.

It is not for the first time that death is presented to me as a serious teacher. Every time it made me still and thoughtful, but the time I concerned myself with death didn’t last long enough and the normal rush came back.

I’m happy to read now this text on a regular basis for a month. I can yet feel today that a greater attention for the little things lived during the day is coming. With this idea of definiteness of the end every day, a wonderful mindfulness is present .

If you pay attention to this day with the idea that it is the last, you suddenly want to give your best, you want to be more kind, you want to be loving, you want to compliment people, you want to kiss your spouse and children for a good-bye, you want to give a hand, you want to follow your heart – and automatically, effortlessly – you stop all mourning, complaining – time is too precious.

Try it out – this changes your life!


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2 Responses to MK Week 18 ……my last one has to be my best one

  1. mkmmaasambush says:

    I too am enjoying living Scroll V!


  2. Sandra Owen says:

    Understanding that everything in life is a cycle of birth, growth and death is so powerful when you really take the time to think about it. Death is the beginning of new birth and the journey inbetween is there to be enjoyed, to learn, to love, to give and to receive life’s blessings. Thank you for sharing.


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