MK Week 19 …divine timing

The last days I’m thinking a lot about time.

Listening people is very interesting.

‘I have no time’, ‘I lost a lot of time’, ‘time runs’, ‘time is too slow’, times are bad’….. We all know that a day lasts 24 h for everybody.

We all know that the time has the quality we give to the time.

We all know that the past is gone, the future will only come and that we live today. Today is the day that counts, largely explained in scroll 5 of Og Mandino

But there is a trap:

Sometimes we want that things last and another time we want things going faster.

How many times we want something at once, we don’t want wait. Things have to happen immediately in the way we want them to happen. The results have to be instantly, if not we are impatient under pressure and stressed.

A helpful word is written in Ecclesiastes 3,1

‘There is a season to everything and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven’.

If we want in our garden tulips next year, we have to dibble tulip bulbs in autumn in the land in order to expose them to the cold of the wintertime. At the moment we are confident and certain, that when the time is come, the tulips will appear, grow and bloom. During the winter time great things go on in an unseen way in the ground.

Seemingly eventless times in life are times, when the unseen is working.

This happens during the MKMMA, beautifully designed as a class starting in autumn.

The tricky thing is, with all readings, exercises and exchanges we are planting seeds and we have to be patient and confident to see them grow – and they will always grow.

The difficult part in the human mind is to accept this set-up and to welcome whatever appears.

If we can do so, we live as we say in the Lord’s Prayer ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ and we can wait in faith and peace.

And once again, all comes back to the same good news ‘consciousness lets it happen’.

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One Response to MK Week 19 …divine timing

  1. mkmmaasambush says:

    What a beautiful metaphor of the tulips to the MKMMA experience! I wish I had seen that before – perhaps it would have upped my trust level a little 🙂

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