MK week 21 ……..seemingly endless resistance

It is Sunday morning.
I’m late with everything.

In the last weeks I could read:

‘Today I start a new life…..’
‘I greet this day with love in my heart…..’
‘I persist until I succeed…..’
‘I’m nature’s miracle…..’
‘I live this day as if it is my last…..’

Where is the fury to avoid the killers of time?
Where is the courage to come into action?
Where is the faith to bury doubt?
Where is the confidence to dismember fear?

This week I’m looking for ‘taking initiative’ in the Benjamin Franklin’s make-over.
I see  a subtle irony in this.

I have to confront a duty which definitely stretches my comfort-zone.
I have a deadline.
My resistance is immense on every level of my daily life.
Every excuse is welcomed.
The high price is discomfort which I feel as paralysis.

Then, a sudden rescuing revelation: ‘the paired comparison’

‘The first priority, first!’
‘I do it now! I do it now!’
I put the blinders on and go ahead.

‘It’s DONE!’

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4 Responses to MK week 21 ……..seemingly endless resistance

  1. mkdeanna says:

    You’re here! It’s done! 😊


  2. Continue ! You are on the right track, my Dear Friend!!!!


  3. Well done Anne, know what you are going thro so keep on truckin’ 🙂


  4. mkmmaasambush says:

    Congrats! You WILL succeed! (You HAVE succeeded!)


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