MK Week 22 and 22a Silence…..the real one

Week 22 I was on travel.

The webinar took on Sunday night took place without me. Before reading the MK lesson of the week, my body let me experience what was described in the first lines. During the whole week I was without internet connection, had no private place, only my readings here and there.

My Mastermind partner mentioned the time of ‘silence’.

Thursday – the only possibility for this week.

Wednesday night – I announced to my family that I intended to start the experience after work at 11 pm by listening the recording of week 22.

Thursday morning I started my readings.

I know yet that to sit still is not the problem. No music, radio TV, telephone, internet, cell phone, facebook….is not the problem.

The problem is this monkey running around in my mind with a turbo speed.

How to calm it?

At 10 am I put my blinders on – brought me in my meditation position following the advice of Neville in his book ‘The power of imagination’. The position laid down with the head at the same level as the body is very comfortable and I never fall asleep.

When I was laying on my bed – blinders on – breathing with consciousness – seeking for oneness: the holler coaster started.

Little moments of lower speed but actually a real run.

The last of the Mastermind was ‘presence’.

At noon my monkey was always running, jumping and bouncing.

So I decided not to stop the exercise until experiencing ‘stillness’ and even if it would take the whole day.

I started to do my energy work Jin Shin Jyutsu without moving the body only my hand touched several points on both sides of the trunk.

I don’t know when – but at a moment I heard only the ‘sound of my silence’ and that is the story about regular ringing in my ears.

When I realized it first, it was very uncomfortable and the doctor wanted to give me a medication with an uncertain effect. On a Canadian website a lady suggested to take the tinnitus as the sound of the personal silence. I adopted at once this suggestion and since that manage the ringing with ease and gratitude when it overwhelms my head. Normally I fall asleep.


But today – I was awaken – totally alert and alone with my sound of silence and nothing else.

No more thinking.

From time to time a thought came absolutely slowly along without any invitation of reaction – only a thought passing.




Meanwhile 3 pm passed.


I wanted to try if it works without blinders.

Yes, it worked.

The activity of my mind is slowed down.

I am with my sound of silence and I write peacefully my blog text.

I am sitting and writing and observing.

I am thankful for my persistence to have stayed with it until I could embrace ‘stillness’

I am present.

I am.

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