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MK Week 22 and 22a Silence…..the real one

Week 22 I was on travel. The webinar took on Sunday night took place without me. Before reading the MK lesson of the week, my body let me experience what was described in the first lines. During the whole week … Continue reading

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MK week 21 ……..seemingly endless resistance

It is Sunday morning. I’m late with everything. In the last weeks I could read: ‘Today I start a new life…..’ ‘I greet this day with love in my heart…..’ ‘I persist until I succeed…..’ ‘I’m nature’s miracle…..’ ‘I live … Continue reading

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MK Week 19 …divine timing

The last days I’m thinking a lot about time. Listening people is very interesting. ‘I have no time’, ‘I lost a lot of time’, ‘time runs’, ‘time is too slow’, times are bad’….. We all know that a day lasts … Continue reading

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MK Week 18 ……my last one has to be my best one

Since the beginning of this week, we are confronted with the 5th scroll of Og Mandino starting with ‘I will live this day as if it is my last’. Death – marks the end of the last day and so … Continue reading

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MK Week 17 a …..happy and thankful accepting of my progress in my own pace!

Being in touch with the ‘uniqueness’ of all creatures in general and my proper uniqueness for a whole month through the readings of Og Mandino leads me to the following statement: Whatever challenge, difficulty or problem comes along; observation and … Continue reading

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MK week 17 …the walk on the tightrope

My statement of the week comes with a delay, but I announce a good news. I did it. I reached the next stage walking on my steel cable. The distance seemed longer than in other weeks, the pace was slow, … Continue reading

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MK Week 16 Kindness !?

This week our overall attention goes to kindness. We have all naturally a more or less precise idea of what kindness is. Someone who says ‘hello’, smiles and gives readily a hand can be rated as a kind person. And … Continue reading

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