MK Week 15 A new view on the price to pay

This week the MK-Train left the station without me.

It was not because I has been late and I didn’t respect my commitment.

I didn’t catch the train because I deliberately decided to take the risk to run behind the train.

Interesting experience about

decision – accountability – consciousness of the price to pay – absence of regret – awareness of the time past.

Fortunately the MK-Train is an old fashioned one – with no automatically closing doors – you can run and jump.

Finally I reached the last coach and there was a seat for me and time to reflect.

I realized that the decision not to take the train on time now asked me another price to pay. I witnessed this inside measuring.

But the price to pay for the delay was only different, not higher not lower, only different.

I felt very close at what point it is important to be careful with our precious 86400 seconds and to be aware of the pay-off of the priority given.

This week I’m still a little bit running to become up to date with the course but my gift was a funny heartwarming family-time, worth to pay this price.



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MK week 14 Timeless time and the winter wind

During this period I feel every year at a certain point freely suspended.

Christmas passed, no big undertaking – the ideal time for a review, time for a forecast.

The Masterkey Class went in its 14th week – 14 weeks of new learning, new observations, new considerations, new actions, new reactions ….

I remember a sentence of Thorwald Dethlefson’s astrosophical instructions. He said: “It is simply not possible that a human deals over a certain period of time deliberately with an astrological principle by living the different representatives of its aspects without an alteration.”

It is for example simply not possible not to come in contact with the essence of Saturn, who represents the principle of limitation, – on a daily basis – wearing only black cloths, walking over cemeteries, eating and drinking sparely, hearing doleful music, meditating on a skull…

This it what the MK is all about. It is about learning and making new choices on a daily basis.

I stayed for holydays in Hamburg and suddenly the winter arrived.

A strong wind from the sea made the snowflakes dancing and swirled them all around – a frosty spectacle of a lasting changing-power, once softly once keenly.

That made me thinking about all the situations observed in a new way since the beginning of the class. The teaching is comparable to the wind delivering new insights, new skills, new reactions, what leads to transformation.

It is simply not possible not to be transformed if one starts deliberately and honestly to apply what is taught.

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MK Week 13 ‘The power in silence‘

This week I remembered an old saying often heard when I was a young girl.

My grandaunt repeated it at any hectic busyness and admonished me

‘In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft!’. This means ‚The power lies in….‘

Where does the power lie?

A look in the dictionary shows me that this single word ‚Ruhe‘ in German is related in English to quite a lot of words as rest, ease, quiet, calm, peace, privacy, silence, repose, tranquility, calmness, dormancy, quiescence, quietness, quietude.

‘The power lies within all these synonyms!’

I had only linked this saying to precipitation and speed. I heard it without really hearing it. Apparently I had never really tried to understand, so that the deeper meaning remained to a greater or lesser extend concealed.

In reality this saying is only another way to expose the ‘Law of relaxation’ which teaches us that only a calm relaxed state of mind is the doorway to progress mentally and the only access to Infinite Intelligence.

As we learned that knowledge doesn’t apply itself, there is no difference for ‘Silence’.

Silence imposes itself on us in extraordinary incidences as birth and death, accident or severe illness and salvation. In the majority of cases we have to seek it.

Today I know to appreciate deeply the gift which lies in the invitation to the exercise to sit still physically, emotionally and mentally on a regular basis.

I know it because I did it.

At the same moment I’m conscious that I have to decide it again and yet again until no excuse is strong enough to suspend it. I could think that I do it yet for a certain time and the new habit is now in place. For me this habit is still a new born. I have to nourish it like a mother and to protect it like a father.

One thing is sure the success lies in persistence.


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MK week 12 Focus

This week I am late with my blog – where was my focus? As it seems not on the fact to finish in time?

All my thoughts and considerations were turning around ‘FOCUS’.

The comparison with the viewfinder of a camera, that only the focus on the object brings clear and distinct pictures is obvious and talks to me in its simplicity.

Therefore I had a look through the viewfinder of my Life-Camera: It seems that there were moments in my life where I had an absolute focus and things happened in the most precise way possible – the key moments in my life as my marriage, highly desired pregnancies and the births of our children, finding new homes after moving from one place to another…There were other parts in my life where the focus was in the wide mode.

Focus in general gives a precise picture whether it is by zooming in or by looking with a wider angle.

Focus on an actual situation helps to accept what is and offers the opportunity to adjust the thinking if the results are unpleasant and need corrections for the better.

I remembered that the subconscious mind doesn’t make the difference between ‘reality’ and ‘imagination’.

My focus defines my future.

So in the last days I asked myself a lot of questions about my purpose, focus, commitment, my actions, my priorities, joy and happiness, well-being….

Have I defined my real purpose? Have I realized my real needs? Am I avoiding my real aim in life for whatever reason? Does the focus make me mechanical and inflexible? What is really important to me?

I reedited my DMP, my trailer card, I changed my recordings…!

My understanding about focus is as follows:

I feel like a mosaic-layer who is carrying with great attention his life-picture in his heart, putting with patience and persistence little stone beside little stone to accomplish his most fabulous mosaic, even working on the details with the final version in mind.

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MK Week 11 ….my subbymarine journey

Now I have found a pleasant picture to illustrate my Masterkey Experience, a picture that brings me in the deep sea.

I feel like a whale which takes part on Sunday night in an extraordinary dolphin show and starts at once after this event diving to process the impressions.

After several weeks of exercising the diving becomes safer and the apnea more and more comfortable. The darkness in the depth loses his fearful aspects because there are other whales diving although. Also a long distance between each other is not so important even we communicate by singing. On Friday I carefully rise to accomplish my weekly requirement. Then I rest a little bit and prepare myself for the next fabulous dolphin meeting. I feel so excited, because this deep diving in the dark and silent sea reveals well hidden treasures as

  • It is really possible  to let go old conditionings
  • It is really possible to change
  • It is really possible to transform resistance
  • It is really possible to choose
  • It is really possible to feel the starting growth
  • And the best news:
  • There is an ever available RESET-Button

What an adventure – this MKMMA!



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MK week 10 ……Interim Review

The first third of our MKMMA class is over – the ‚Golden Buddha‘ is starting to come through and I am confident that he will show up in his whole beauty at the right time.

Until now the big, sudden change didn’t take place in my life.

The Masterkey reminds me of a paper chase with surprises at every stage.

This week I could continue to write about tests, challenges, struggles……. I was thinking about it from all angles, in every direction and

I decided to stop this kind of statements and explanations.

I want to practice and practice and practice again all the good exercises, recordings, readings….and to receive with a grateful heart all the new insights, new exchanges, new experiences and the force to stick to it.

It is hard to recognize that nobody can or will do the work in my place.

If I want to bring my ‘Golden Buddha’ out, it is up to me to do it.

And I do it now with a big smile on my face (:!

I’m grateful for this Masterkey Experience.

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MK Week 9 ….Put on the test!

This week – a walk through the desert.

On Sunday night after the fabulous webinar I felt as every Sunday night boosted, encouraged even though I didn’t get everything.

For Monday morning I had promised a service to my children. I was so tired. I didn’t hear the alarm clock. I missed to start my day with my exercises….

Today, on Friday, I can say, that I was kicked out of the rhythm, but I didn’t forefeel on Monday how long and difficult it would be to find it back.

All my noble writings of the last weeks, theoretical on parts, were put on the test.

I really experienced the week as ‘it is impossible for me!’

For any reason no contact with my guide in the beginning of the week. It was almost unreachable to me to respect the given schedule, pangs of remorse, painful comparison with the success testimonials of the group, bugged dissatisfaction about everything like the hard choice of a suitable music, my endless failed record trials, challenging encounters during a conference, in school, in business and family.

This week was a trip into the disorder, in touch with the overwhelming power of resistance, emotionally and physically painful.

A friend of mine in the Mastermind remembered me that recognizing this resistance to succeed was the first step to let it go.

What brought me to stick with it was the affirmation ‘I’m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy’. I repeated it, in a certain point without conviction, but I did it.

It was like a life buoy for me.

In the Og Mandino I had underlined

‘I make the solemn oath to myself, that nothing retards my new life’s growth’

and so

I’m back on track.(:

I always keep my promises!



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