Press Release

Interview with Eliane DANTE of the Magazine ‘People of the Week’on Monday 12th December 2022

I’m today with Anne DENIS sitting on her huge terrace high-placed on the Côte d’Azur. We are enjoying the mild sunshine of this early winter day with the stunning view on the brilliant sea and I’m here to ask her to explain to our public how it was possible to step out of the almost unseen role of a spouse, mother and housewife into the new life of a consultant in health, author of the ‘Practical Guide to True Health’, founder of the initiative ‘Strong moms for strong kids’, blogger and leader of a large international Network-Business?

First of all, I never considered my life, taking care of her family and to stay at home, only as a role. As a young girl I knew with certainty that I wanted to be a full-time mother of 4 children, that was my main purpose and the reason why I didn’t really develop my professional life for 25 years.

In 2012, when the last of my children left the house to go to university, my main purpose was at a certain point accomplished and I had to redefine my life. Already during all these years I was trained in health, nutrition, energy work, relaxation….and my fascination for the wonder of pregnancy and giving birth in the most natural way brought me to a ‘Doula-Training’ in Germany. Back to France I needed a placement to validate this training and I met a Scottish midwife, doing among others home deliveries. But the pleasure of accompanying pregnant women didn’t long endure because the French Healthcare System is not open to such services. So the midwife introduced me to a Network Marketing Company working on the 5 pillars of health. So far so long, my life rolled around, with ups and downs – nothing special happened.

But in September 2015 I had a call. One of my colleges attracted my attention to a training, taking place once a year for 26 weeks.

I knew about this training from hearsay, Charles Haanel’s book ‘The Masterkey System’ was one among others in my large library, but I felt that there was something missing between all the read books, the trainings and life experiences.

The picture of someone who had been collecting wood again and again for years without making a fire describes best how I felt at that moment. Suddenly I knew that it was time to stop to apply sticking plasters instead of curing the cause.

I got the course, learned and practiced what was thought. It was a tough time.

But the spark of awareness finished by putting the wood on fire and the fire started to radiate warmth over and over.

Today I enjoy my life fully. I have the liberty to travel with my husband between my lovely home in Bavaria with a magnificent sight on the Alps and my other home near to the Mediterranean Sea and I’m free to spend great time with my children and grand-children. It’s fabulous that the high developed E- technologies make it possible to work from everywhere. I have wonderful feedback from my readers, I see the initiative ‘Strong moms for strong kids’ growing continuously on an international level. I have great success in my Network-Marketing-Business. My activities touch the life of thousands of people. I’m so grateful for my new life which is the marvelous reward to have taken possession of the key and to use it persistently.

If you too want to know how to find your ‘key’, feel free to contact me.